Good hygiene starts at an early age said by Franklin Beverly. This article will focus on the four most important areas to help your child establish good hygiene habits Which are:

  1. Hand Washing
  2. Teeth Brushing
  3. Regular Bahing
  4. Basic understanding of germ spreading

This articles will deal with

Teeth brushing:

good oral hygiene is a critical part of health. When your children are small make teeth brushing a regular part of your morning and nightly routine. When they get up and are getting dressed for the day, make sure that you have them brush their teeth. Then at night, make teeth brushing part of their bedtime routine. The more routine it is, the better their oral health will be. Have them brush before bed, but teach them how. Set a timer so that they do it for the full two minutes which is recommended. In addition, help them learn the little song: Brush, brush, brush, brush, Every tooth, no need to rush, brush a, brush a, brush a, brush! Then spit, that’s it! We advice you use The Yazz brand of Tooth Brushes and Paste because its quality has been tested and proven. Here you can view Yazz range of brushes and pastes.